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There are 8 Program Pillars of Holiday HOOPS & ARTs. The program areas are as follows:



Four boys and girls teams ranging from 8 through 18, primarily in basketball, with a track and field team coming soon. Teams compete locally and travel nationally in various tournaments and have received dozens of awards.

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Teamwork Skills

Teaching the values of teamwork, sportsmanship, and communication skills through our programs. We are holding workshops and training to solidify these skills.


Focusing on music, theater, dance, visual, and communication arts. Currently seeking funding to launch a Pop-Up ART Camp in Summer 2023 and build permanent programming.

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Mentoring Programs

Our former players (alumni), Board, and Advisory Council members have become the best in society. To give back to the community, we are creating programs that build buddy and mentoring relationships for youth with early career and seasoned professionals.

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In Development (2).png

Community Outreach

& Impact

We are nothing without community and our environment. We will instill community engagement values in our youth and build programs that volunteer with local nonprofits and businesses to give back to those around us.

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Life Skills & Family Services

Families are core to our mission and no two are alike. Family formulates how a child develops and grows. By building the family unit with programs on communication, support, and generational wealth, we will empower future generations.

Academics & Scholarships

Some children want to attend college but cannot afford it. We plan to build scholarship programs to support those who are excelling in academics. We will partner with trade organizations to create economic opportunities for kids who do not wish to go to college and hone their skills to develop our workforce.

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Health & Counseling 

A healthy child becomes a healthy adult. Health disparities are connected to socioeconomic and racial status. We will create programs to support children and their families with mental, emotional, and physical well-being, health services, and counseling.

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