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What Is Holiday HOOPS?

Holiday HOOPS is a non-for-profit organization who's involvement in the community has fostered, developed, and implemented a high-quality sports program for boys and girls ages 8 through 18. The HOOPS in Holiday Hoops stands for “Helping Others Obtain Personal Success”. At Holiday HOOPS we believe in the power to change the lives of youths who need direction. By using fundamental team working skills in athletics Holiday HOOPS members have achieved academic excellence and become the best of our society.


OUR MISSION - To enrich the lives of children and families through athletics, arts, teamwork, mentoring, life skills, and health.


OUR VISION - Youth, families, and communities achieving growth, individuality, and enrichment through our programs for generations to come.



Holiday HOOPS values the following: 

  1. Teamwork, ethics, and the highest standards for academics, sports, and the arts. 

  2. Wholeness, happiness, and good health for our children and families.

  3. Diversity, equity, inclusiveness, and individuality in our communities and partnerships.

  4. Training, supporting, and networking for the future leaders of tomorrow.

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