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Sports and the arts give us all a chance to escape the complex pressures of this world, learn discipline, and explore creativity. For our youth, these outlets are their lifeline. Studies suggest that interventions aiming to improve the quality of life may mediate the negative effects of individual and neighborhood disadvantages on children’s school performance. Studies have also shown that playing sports or an instrument can reduce stress and improve our academic performance. Physical activity can boost observational skills, improve focus, and harness improvisation abilities. All youth deserve to flourish in sports and the arts regardless of background. Maintaining programs of this caliber requires substantial resources. Your giving is what makes this IMPACT possible. See options for monthly giving, one-time donations, and sponsorship opportunities below.

Giving Opportunities!

Make a Monthly Donation

$25/month = $300

In 1-year your giving covers the monthly sports activity fees for two children.

$50/month = $600

In 1-year your giving covers the entry fees for three sports tournaments.

$100/month = $1,200

In 1-year your giving covers two months of gym and rehearsal space. 

$250/month = $3,000

In 1-year your giving covers travel expenses, food, and lodging for one team. You become a Silver Sponsor!


Other amount/monthly

Proud Partners & Sponsors

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Thank you to Nick Prigo, LLC, and the Edwin A Levy Charity Foundation

for the generous donations and ongoing support.

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