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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world in 2020, many in-person events, including sports and concerts, were canceled. This included the programs of Holiday Hoops. Some people consider sports and the arts a trivial past-time leisure. But these things are much more. For our youth, these outlets are their lifeline. Sports and the arts give us all a chance to escape the complex pressures of this world, learn discipline, and explore creativity. Many impressionable youths in our community are at a horrifying standstill. Children are watching people lose their jobs, health, and mental stability. Worst of all, our children watch their loved ones lose their lives. To add to this, the complexities of racial injustice and inequity also latch onto youth who are children of color. Studies suggest that interventions aiming to improve the quality of life may mediate the negative effects of individual and neighborhood disadvantages on children’s school performance. Studies have also shown that playing sports or an instrument can reduce stress and improve our academic performance. Physical activity can boost observational skills, improve focus, and even improve our abilities to improvise. All youth deserve to flourish in sports and the arts regardless of background. And maintaining programs of this caliber requires substantial resources.

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