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is critical to nonprofits because we are accountable to and must always have transparency with the public. Our Board of Directors are the volunteer leaders who are responsible for the strategic, fiduciary, and foundational guidance of Holiday HOOPS & ARTs. Our Advisory Council Members provide professional advice on key areas of marketing, policy, fundraising, programming, and many other aspects. We are deeply grateful to every single one of them and honored to have their ongoing support.


Our Board

Advisory Council

Board Lee P.jpg

Alisha Lee Poitier
Advisory Council Member

SAG Actor, Event Producer, Social Media Expert. Bringing a passion for Arts to Holiday Hoops & Arts, driving digital growth. 🎭🏀 #Arts #DigitalGrowth

Board Amber C.jpg

Amber Carlson-Hays
Advisory Council Member

Award-winning training development expert. Philanthropist, keynote speaker, and Top Female Business Leader. 🌐📚 #LearningSpecialist #TrainingDesign

Board Coleen P.jpg

Coleen Stevens Porcher
Advisory Council Member

Strategic CEO and consultant in nonprofits, foundations, and education. Advocate for social justice—a skilled leader in philanthropy and performance metrics.

Board David C.jpg

David Gatewood-Cowart
Advisory Council Member

20+ years in facility management leadership. Advisory Council member at Holiday Hoops, contributing to strategic planning and growth. 🏢💡 #FacilityManagement #AdvisoryCouncil

Board David M.jpg

David R. Murray
Advisory Council Member

Passionate philanthropist, 30 years empowering communities globally. Supporting artists, spreading joy and wonder. 🌍🎨 #Philanthropy


Debra Agnew
Advisory Council Member

Skincare therapist for 21 years, specializing in Acne and Hyperpigmentation. Empowering women of all ages and backgrounds to look and feel their best. 💖✨

Board Edward.jpg

Edward A Enrique
Advisory Council Member

NY District Attorney's Lead UX Designer & former fashion consultant. Advising Empire City Men's Chorus and enhancing Holiday Hoops' digital experience. 🖥️🎭 #UXDesign

Board Frank H.jpg

Frank Holmes
Advisory Council Member

Experienced Registrar in healthcare, skilled in Customer Service, Coaching, and Registration. Theater degree graduate creating positive environments—nursing student at BMCC.

Board Robert D.jpg

G. Robert Dantuono
Advisory Council Member

Retired medical educator, 40+ years in hospital settings. Strategic planning, curriculum development. Advancing funding for HOOPS. 🩺📚 #MedicalEducation #HOOPS

Board Kfir.jpg

Kfir Lev-Holiday
Advisory Council Member

Creative leader in design and branding. Key experiences with Kennedy Crawford Design and Raymour & Flanigan. International and tech experience.🌐🎨#Design #InteriorDesign

Board Mery Konhy_edited.jpg

Mary Koshy
Advisory Council Member

25+ years in healthcare and nonprofits. Operations, audit, risk, and diversity expertise. Committed to universal wellness. Mitigating risks for impact. 💼🌐 #Healthcare #Nonprofit

Board Michael D.jpg

Michael V. Daniels
Advisory Council Member

Non-profit board, finance expert, passionate about empowering communities of color. Contributing financial insight. 💼🌐 #NonProfit #Finance

Michele Prigo.jpg

Michele Prigo
Advisory Council Member

Health communications pro with 15+ years. Content Writer, Clinical Ops strategist. A spokesperson for media and medical. 🩺📝 #HealthComms #StrategyBuilder

Board Sarah.jpg

Sarah Sullivan
Advisory Council Member

A financial expert with two decades' experience at KPMG, Marriott, BDO, and GiveDirectly. Excels in reporting, compliance, and risk management.

Head shot Bue light 9.16.JPG

Ramon Barber
Advisory Council Member

Ex-pro athlete turned motivational speaker and certified counselor, inspires change in youth and adults with his unique life story.

Olive Nadine Lindo Picture.PNG

Olive Nadine Lindo
Advisory Council Member

Experienced early childhood educator with 16+ years, specializing in optimizing learning for students and educators. Holds a Master of Education and a Bachelor of Science. Dedicated to fostering enriching learning environments, serving as a Kindergarten Teacher and Math Ambassador.

Board Sandra.jpg

Shandra Dawkins
Advisory Council Member

Transformation specialist and seasoned consultant with 20+ years of diverse experience empowering clients strategically nationwide.

Board Sheena E_edited.jpg

Sheena Earl
Advisory Council Member

Nurturing youth through sports and arts for a brighter future. Strategic communication enthusiast, passionate about positive impact. 🌟 #YouthEmpowerment

Board Toni W.jpg

Toni Williams
Advisory Council Member

Theatre major turned tech and accounting pro. Owner of Blasian Bon Vivant, inspiring culinary and cultural exploration. Advocate for the arts and community. 🎭🌍🍲 #ArtsAdvocate

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