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Now introducing our ARTs Program!

We want to launch our ARTs program. ARTs stands for Amplifying and Refining Talents. We will establish an artistic teaching and programming branch while also continuing to rebuild their athletic skills.  By expanding our reach into the fine arts arena, we will increase motivation and discipline, and further develop young people’s abilities.

Performing Art Class


The ARTs program will feature five main areas: music, dance, theater, visual, and media arts. To complement many youths who need engagement in the off-season from basketball, we will run intensive Saturday and Sunday training seminars in each of these areas with teaching artists. Each of the classes would have a size limit to ensure personalized attention to attendees, feedback evaluations to help with the progression of skills, and cater to age groups so content can be scaled to appropriate physical levels. Accommodations would be made for children with special needs.


Quality of Life

Creating positive outlets for overlooked communities and mentorship programs with professional artists

Academic Achievement

Education goals by maintaining a 3.0 GPA requirement to participate

Arts Skills to Life Skills

Connect the skills of discipline and imagination into being a good and compassionate citizen of society 

College & Workforce Prep

Hosting special seminars for children in high school and post-gradudate internships and work-study placements



We invite you to help cover the artists-in-residence teaching fees and children's programmatic fees for the ARTs program. Together our joint efforts will bring the ARTs program to life. It will unlock the next stage of our venture with ARTs and culminate our ultimate community impact goals. We want to partner with those who share our vision of excellence and passionately believe that hard work pays off.


Contact or (203) 548-0601 to discuss and learn more

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